Language and Culture Exchange


Are you a native English speaker? Do you enjoy meeting new people, especially those not from the UK? Maybe you’re learning a new language and want to practice it with a native speaker? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Language and Culture Exchange inside the STORYHOUSE is for you! How the event works… 1. Create a label to show your name and native language 2. Grab a drink from the bar and take a seat 3. Rules and instructions announced at 7.45 pm 4. 1st half. You will speak to about 5 different people 5. Break time! Grab another drink from the bar 6. 2nd half. You will speak to about 5 different people 7. The bar is open until 11 pm so feels free to stick around and chat with your new friends! Book your free ticket below!

Terms and Conditions

T&C's: Any problems with booking should be communicated with English in Chester, the event is going to be hosted, Storyhouse Chester


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